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Baoding Baohua Flavoring co. LTD, established in December 1997, is located in Wangdu County of Baoding..Now is a collection processing, export is a body comprehensive enterprise. Now my company has 279 employees, management, technical personnel 55 people.. The main product is dried chili, powder chili, crushed chili, which are mainly exported to Japan, the United States, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Our company has set up offices in baoding city and has a processing plant in Wangdu County. And in Hebei Dingzhou, Hebei Tangshan, Hebei Wangdu, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning and other places ,we develop our own chili cultivation base 8000 acres. After years of development, the company constantly growing, get government support, in sight are county at a cost of nearly 300 million covers an area of 90 acres of hebei xiangxin co., LTD The project is under new products deep processing factory hebei xiang xin co., LTD.,mainly engaged in chili, prickly ash, star anise, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and other raw materials and processed products.

My company after years of development, the current processing have gradually expanding products, products mainly include:dry chili, crushed chili , chili powder chili ring, chili silk and so on. The variety for chili includes Tianying chili, Wangdu chili, Yidu chili, Jinta chili, Thread chili, Sweet paprika (Xinjiang Origin).

Baoding Baohua Flavoring Co. LTD based on Wangdu and its surrounding areas good chili planting base, supported by the chili processing and the continuing growth of product sales ,We through unified planting varieties, formulate a unified planting plan, unified supply of agricultural means of production, unified management use of pesticides ,unified for pest control, unified the way of purchase ripe chili establish the scientific management, high-quality security chili supply base of raw material,. It vigorously promotes the development of the large-scale industrialization and standardization of chili plant in Wangdu. In 2013, the planting base in Tangshan Dingzhou in Hebei province reached 10953 acres. It solve the problem of rural employment more than 3000 workers,It has made outstanding contribution to strengthening the advantage of the local leading industries, increasing peripheral township farmers’ income In September 2011 our company is rated by the city agricultural industrialization office as the municipal key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization.
My company in wangdu county, hebei province has a collection of acquisition, selection, processing, storage as one of the factory. The factory has six compliances with the export of food hygiene standard workshop. The compliances are used for chili drying, chili selection, removalof impurities with chili, chili products processing, steam sterilization and packaging products. The workshop has a dry cleaning machine, singeing machine, air cleaning machine, demagnetization machine, metal detector cutting machine, crushing machine, mesh machine, flour machine, steam sterilization machine, such as chili processing equipment. All the equipments are made of food grade stainless steel production, in full compliance with the requisition of the quality and safety of food hygiene of the country. In addition, the factory also has the cold storage which can accommodate 400 tons of chili products and has room temperature warehouse which can accommodate 1000 tons of chili products .
Baoding Baohua Flavoring Co. LTD. was established, to meet international market demand, enhance export capacity as the goal, continue to strengthen internal management, improve staff, pay attention to scientific and technological research and development, continue to improve product quality and safety level. In 2007 by Baoding entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of health special review for the record; the professional laboratory being set up in 2009 is used to detection spicy, moisture, pesticide and so on; the Hebei provincial inspection and Quarantine Bureau for the company’s production of series of chili products issued by the people’s Republic of China State Administration of marks of origin registration certificate (license No. H1BD007).
At present, 95% of products exported to the Japanese market, the annual export Japan’s Chili and chili processing products reached 1000 tons, in addition company also exports area of American and Southeast Asia and so on. With spicy food culture and chilli habits are spread widely and penetration, we sincerely hope to continue to develop domestic and international market by virtue of the advantages, to make friends all over the world, to create a win-win situation.
Office Address: Chaoyang North Road, Baoding, Hebei Province, 1358 Hyatt International Building, Room 805
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